The Vet’s Story

In my journey through the past 24 years as a veterinarian, I have come to adopt a holistic approach to treating my patients.  Holistic means treating the whole animal, starting with an appropriate diet.  I have experienced the effects of many different diets over the years, and there is now no doubt in my mind that the best diet for dogs and cats is a balanced, fresh, raw food diet.  The traditional prescription diet formulas that most veterinarians recommend are typically full of grains and by-products that provide little nutritional value to your pet.

Redbud's Friends

I began feeding Redbud’s Raw to my own dogs a couple of years ago after trying a number of other commercial raw products.  Redbud’s was clearly superior in the quality of its ingredients and level of freshness.  My goal in ownership of Redbud’s is to help promote the benefits of raw feeding and provide a better quality of life for as many pets as possible.

I earned my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988 from Colorado State University and practiced in Idaho and Utah before returning to Denver in 2001. Currently I own and run the Belleview Animal Clinic in Englewood.  Like all vets, I was trained in traditional medicine and followed this path for many years, but after  an experience with a horse that was helped tremendously by a chiropractor, I began studying and then practicing holistic medicine.   

A holistic approach means treating the whole animal, beyond the obvious symptoms, including diet and environment.  Allopathic medicine does have a place in treating some medical conditions, and I will use these treatments if it is in the best interest of my patient.  A holistic approach is always used for support in the healing process and can often minimize the time that more traditional medications are used.

My own furry kids include a Chihuahua named C-Jay, a Chihuahua mix named Wylie and one wise, old cat named Oreo.  The dogs frequently accompany me to work where they enjoy guarding my office and chasing the cats (not deterred by the fact that the cats significantly out-weigh them).  See more about our clinic life at or read more about holistic health care at"

 - Dr. Judy Jasek, holistic vet and owner of Redbud's Raw Premium Dog Food.

" . . . there is now no doubt in my mind that the best diet for dogs and cats is a balanced, fresh, raw food diet."
- Dr. Judy Jasek, Redbud's Raw Owner
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