Here you'll find information about transitioning your dog over to Redbud's Raw; safe handling and storage instructions; the appropriate amount to feed your dog; and the poop on dog poop. 

Redbud's Friends

Redbud's Raw is made from real, whole, farm-fresh food. We don't add any supplements. While none are needed, you can decide what you want to add or not. Every dog is different. You know your dog and their needs best. However, we do not recommend adding bone meal to Redbud's Raw as it contains the appropriate amount of ground bone or ground eggshell.

Redbud's Raw Prep

Keep Redbud's Raw frozen. Thaw in the fridge and refrigerate promptly after using. Redbud's Raw should be good for 3-4 days in the fridge and over six months frozen.

Frozen dog food can be defrosted or heated in the microwave, although we do not recommend it as microwaving compromises the benefits of a raw diet. Cooking is not necessary (and kind of defeats the purpose) but it's OK to do so. Some dogs are finicky and heating the food up a little on the stove or briefly in a toaster oven will entice their appetites.

Be sure to keep raw meat separate from other foods and to wash working surfaces, kitchen utensils, and your hands after handling raw meat.

Feeding Overview

Your dog needs about one percent of its body weight in raw dog food two times a day. That will keep your dog will mean and lean. Your dog may need more depending on its level of activity or lack of activity. Refer to the chart below to determine how much to feed your dog daily and how much you'll need for a monthly supply.

Transition Notes

Once you've made the switch, it is perfectly OK to feed your dog some dry food occasionally (emphasis on occasionally). Other foods we like to feed our dogs from time-to-time:

  • Raw carrots and apple slices as treats
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Cottage cheese
  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Raw, meaty bones
  • Cooked meats
  • Raw Honey

Transitioning Your Dog to Redbud's Raw

When starting out on a raw diet, it's important to ease your dog into it. Start by replacing about 1/8 of your dog's food with Redbud's Raw. Gradually increase the amount of Redbud's Raw until you've made the switch completely to raw food over a week or two.

If your dog has been on dry food for a long time, then the switch make take longer. But, all dogs should be receptive to raw meat.

If your dog is slow to accept raw food, you can warm Redbud's Raw on the stovetop. We do not recommend microwaving.

Here's The Poop

Dog's poop. Unfortunately, it's usually your responsibility to clean it up. But, poop from dogs eating Redbud's Raw are smaller, firmer, less odious, and easy to pick up. These are all indications your dog is absorbing more nutrients from its food. Less garbage in, less out. You'll notice your dog's new, improved poop after switching them to Redbud's Raw.

During the transition to Redbud's Raw, some dogs will have what appears to be a mucous-like lining around their poop. This means your dog is emitting toxins and once those toxins are out of your dog's system, this will stop. Some dogs may also have soft poop as they transition to a raw diet. Again, this will end as your dog becomes accustomed to eating Redbud's Raw. If you have questions, please contact us.

Feeding Chart

Refer to the chart below to determine how much to feed your dog daily and what you'll need for a monthly supply.

Dog Weight Feed 2X Daily Requirement
Pounds Ounces Per Month
5 1 ounce or just under 4 lbs.
10 1.5–2 7–8 lbs.
15 2.5 9–10 lbs.
20 3–4 15 lbs.
25 4 15 lbs.
30 5 20 lbs.
35 5.5–6 20–25 lbs.
40 6–7 25 lbs.
45 7–8 27–30 lbs.
50 8 30 lbs.
55 8–9 33–35 lbs.
60 9.5–10 36–40 lbs.
65 10.5–11 40 lbs.
70 11–11.5 42–45 lbs.
75 12 45 lbs.
80 13 48–50 lbs.
85 13.5–14 52–55 lbs.
90 14.5 55 lbs.
95 15–15.5 57–60 lbs.
100 16 60 lbs.